Way of the Ninja is the fifth episode of Mutant Ninja Turtles:Kids to Teens.

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Considering all the trouble they've been getting in, Splinter decides to teach the turtles what he knows of martial art. So, he teaches them the basics, but when the turtles get cocky, they get in big trouble.


Splinter wakes up after a nightmare of all the dangers they've been in. He walks into the turtles room. Leonardo wakes up and asks Splinter what's wrong. Splinter tells him nothing is wrong, and to head back to sleep. The next morning, he tells the student will now be their "Master Splinter", and will be teaching them ninjutsu. He teaches them a basic form, and Leo and Donatello get it almost right away, but it takes Raphael and Michelangelo longer, Mikey more than Raph. He then teaches them how to use their other senses, more than sight. They practice for the rest of the day and the next three days. The following day, they scavenge for food, practicing their skills, on each other, but three robbers, escape to the sewers and encounter the turtles. Cocky, the turtles think they can beat them, even after only four days of training. Donnie and Leo manage to take out one of them, while Mikey uses the little defense he learned to hold off one of the others. Raph tries to take out the last one, but is hit on the side. Mikey is pushed into the water, and Leo helps him out. The turtles try to get away, but the criminals follow. Splinter wanders why the turtles aren't back by now, and heads off to find them. The turtles hide in the water, as two of the criminals rush by them, They get out, but when Leo backs up, he bumps into the other one. The others come back, and surround them. The turtles yell for Master Splinter, confusing the thugs, thinking they have splinters. Master Splinter hears them and heads their way. The thugs push around the turtles. Leo flips one, and Donnie and Mikey bump into another with their shells. They get back up about to pummel the turtles, but Master Splinter shows up and takes them out. Back at the lair, Donnie tells Splinter, that they were a little too cocky. Splinter tells them, just because they've studied martial arts, doesn't mean they're ready for a fight.