vulture is the most vishus member of the foot clan and shreaders second in comand of the foot clan


in his human form he is a 19 year old with black hair, bloody jeans and a blue button up shirt over top a black t shirt. he is slightly shorter then donnie but is taller then leo. in his mutated form he is covered in black and brown feathers with razor sharp talons. he also has a vulture head but instead of a beak he has sharp teeth


he is shown to not care for anyone except himself but he is shown to be loyle to the foot. he has an intesce craveing for people and will often try to hunt for people to feast on. although vulture is extreamly powerful he is also exreamly intelagent as well but not as smart as donnie


  • he is based on the noir version of vulture from the spider man series
  • it may be possable that he thinks of april as atractive saying that she would taste verry spicy
  • he is donnatelos rival
  • his lair is the clock tower