Hi. I'm Mikey. And today was one of the worst days of my life! Every time I messed everything up, my brothers yelled at me. "Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!" That's all I hear all night and all day long! And I'm sick and tired of it! So, I found the answer to my problem. Do you know how those tv characters every time they mess something up they run away from home? Well I'm gonna do that again! Only this time, I'm not coming back!

(2012-2014 intro plays)

Raph:(calls Mikey 4 times until he meets Donnie, Leo, Casey, and April) Have you guys seen Mikey lately?

Donnie:Not since yesterday when I got onto him (raises his voice) for putting kraang technoligy into mutagen!

(everybody else follows the same pattern of voice tone as Donnie)

Leo:Hey! Now that you mention it, I myself got onto him for breaking my crutch!

Casey:Well, I got onto him because he blew up the engine of the turtle racer which burnt down the intire barn!

Raph:(gets ticked off he yells Mikey's name one more time only this time as loud as ever) MMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

(some crows crow and fly out of the woods at the same time)


Leo, Casey, and Donnie:(touch his pressure point at the same time which stuns him and Casey electricutes him)

Raph:(falls on the floor in tears) I miss my brother!

April (thinking):I hope he's okay.


Mikey:(running away from the house literaly and pants because he is tired) Man, running away is hard work! I'm gonna take a 10 minute break. (yawns) Or possibly what i prefer, a nap. (falls asleep)

2 hours later......

???:(darts by Mikey)

Mikey:(wakes up) Huh?

???:(darts by Mikey again only this time the mysterious figure picks him up ant takes him with it)

Mikey:Where are you taking me?

???:To a place you've never been before.

Mikey:Wait, you sound familiar. (gasps) No. It can't be! You moved away!

???:You got it! (takes hood off)

Mikey:Napoleon? How? Where?

Napoleon:I'll explain later! (hops into an armored bus) Mikey, say hello again to Bigfoot and the frog tribe! Oh, and not to mention The Finger. (He's Bigfoot's date)

Mikey:But. Why did you bring me here?

???:Because of the events that happened yesterday.

Napoleon:Oh, and that's a new mutant. (He's a turtle like you but he doesn't have a name)

Mikey:Well, say hello to Dr. Namenstien! Hmm. Can you step out of the shadows please?

???:Oh! Uh... sure! (steps out of the shadows)

Mikey:Hmm. A turtle skeleton. Oh! Skeletor!

Skeletor:Skeletor.... I like it!

Mikey:Well, Mikey's my name and naming's my game!