this is a fan made episode made by vultureking


donnies love for april is truely tested when an canibleistic vulture mutent is sent to kill her by shredder


  • leonardo
  • raphiel
  • donnatelo
  • michalangalo
  • april o'neal
  • casey jones
  • splinter
  • shreeder
  • vulture AKA drake tombs
  • tiger claw
  • foot solgers


the episode starts at the foot clans hide out were shredder and tiger claw discus a plan to defeat the turtles. tiger claw brings up the fact that donnatelo would not be so easy to defeat after seing the last fight with him. shredder comes up with a plan to break his spiret by killing the one thing he loves more then anything, april o'neil. shredder then brings in a new recrut for the foot clan named drake tombs and tells him about the plan and comands him to use his canible abilitys to find and kill april. knowing he would need more fire power he takes a vulture feather and dunks it into a small jar of mutigen he caried and poored it on his face and all that is shown is a shadow of his mutation. after that drake is revealed and lets out a pearcing screach wich lead to the main opaning.

after the opening we see donnie testing april to find more of her psychice abilitys. casey comes in and asks april if she wants to go see a musical wich april agrees to. donnie tries to ask her to stay a little longer to complete the tests but april leaves leaveing donnie alone. micky walks in and throws a water ballon an donnie and unlike usual he didnt go after mikey and insdead gave a sigh. micky sits next to him and asks whats wrong. donnie then tells micky that he thinks that april may love casey over him. micky then tells donnie that maby you should just tell her the truth about his fealings but donnie tells him that would be a bad idea. mickey then walks away and tells donnie that he hopes thats things get beter then prepares to throw a water ballon. donnie then tells micky dont even think about it and micky then walks away with a grin.


  • this is the first time donnie kisses april instead of april kissing donnie
  • this is the first time one of the turtles dies
  • april i shown to have resurection powers