The dancing ninja
Karai confused
"You got to be kidding me?
                         - Karai




The dancing ninja is the fourth episode of Karai's adventure. 


Dr. Chaplin decides to put some of his prototype inventions in storage with Karai helping him. While going through some of his inventions, he founds a boombox as he remembers that he's invented the boombox to help hs sister dance for a high school prom. Karai wants to see if it works and press the button as Dr. Chaplin tried to stop her. While the music was playing, Karai's left foot was tapping by itself as she was dancing uncontrollably. He recalls that the boombox's primarily direct is to make females dance. When the music had stop, Karai sarcastically thanks Dr. Chaplin for making her dancing before going to bed. While she was dreaming, Karai was in a dress and started dancing. In the morning, Karai had showered, eating breakfast, took a jog in Central park. Meanwhile, she being to dance uncontrollably in front of the public. During her training, Karai started dancing again. Sooner or later, it revealed that the boombox was still activated and turns off by itself.