"I'll never forget the day that I met the Purple Dragons and when Leo save me, he promised he would never leave my side, I should have done the same" - Donnie

"Leo." Splinter called. "Yes Sensi" Leo replied. "Im going to Japan im taking Mikey and Raph with me I suggest you watch the lair while im out." Splinter said with a stare. "Ay Sensi" Leo said as he watched Splinter Leave.

MEANWHILE Donnie walked around the ally way as The Purple Dragons appeared. "Well, Well, Well look what we got here a kid in a costume" said Hun The leader of the Purple Dragons. "Im a Ninja Turtle!" Donnie yelled trying to hold his ground. "Oh and it's speaks to, What do you wanna do with it fellas?" said Hun. "Lets shut it up" said one of the Purple Dragons. Donnie backed up as he watched the Purple Dragons come near him. MEANWHILE (AGAIN) As Leo watched Space Hero's on the Tv. His T-Phone started to ring Leo picked it up. "Hello?" Leo answered. "Hey Leo" Mikey said. "Hey Mikey what's up?" Leo said. "Um, could you check on Don he hasn't answered his T-Phone" Mikey said. "Sure i'll do that" Leo said. "Thank's Leo, bye" Mikey said as he Hanged up. Leo walked into Don's Room he looked around. He wasn't there. Then Leo checked Don's Lab and he wasn't there. "I better go outside and Find him" Leo said as he walked out. MEANWHILE

As Donnie woke up he looked down. He was in chains. "Well The Kid's awake" Hun said as two others followed him. "Lets hurt him some more!" said Peter. "Good Idea Peter" Hun said as he walked up to Donnie. "I can't run away from this..someone hel me" Donnie thought. As Hun Hit hm with a knife cutting Don's leg as Don blacks out.
Tmnt leonardo the reaping fall by duelistoftherose-d5uualn

"Looks like there's no running kid" -Hun


Leo watched from the ally ways. "He's Gotta be aroud here somewhere." Leo said. Leo noticed something as he saw three kids as they left a abonned workshop. "Hmm I wnder what's in that place." Leo said Sternly. With his stealth Leo imeadtlly went inside the building. Leo turned on the lights and could not belive what he saw.


"DONNIE!" Leo said as he Ran to Donnie unting him. Quickly taking him back to the lair.

Few Mintues later Donnie woke up seeing Leo. "Leo?" Donnie called out weakly. "Oh thank god your awake Donnie, what happened to you?" Leo said. "These kid's in Purple suits hurt me a.." Donnie said passing out again. "I'll never let this happen to you again, I'll never leave your side ever, I promise" Leo said.


I'll never let this happen


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