Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Super Ninja's is a spin-off series created by turtlex4, where the turtles didn't originate on Earth, but from the home planet of Superman, Krypton. Sent from their planet to Earth, the turtles were still infected by the ooze, turning into humanoid turtles, along with a rat, Splinter.


To make sure his son makes it to Earth, Jor-El, of Krypton, sends four turtles to Earth, to test his rocket. The turtles make it to Earth, only for their ship to crash in the sewers, of New York. There they, along with a rat, are mutated to humanoid forms, by a green ooze. The rat decides to raise the four turtle and teaches them martial arts. When the rat finds the ship, he knows the turtles aren't human, and soon he discovers they have powers, so he decides to teach the turtles how to use them. The turtles didn't start out with all their powers, but gained them as the show progressed. Powers - Super strength/speed, invulnerability (from episode 1), X-Ray (season 1), heat vision (season 2), super hearing (3), Super/arctic breath (4), Flight (7)


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