Slash is one of the main characters from Mighty Mutanimals 2021 series and is the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals.

Appearance Edit

He looks more like Raph from rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles but more bulkier and teal skinned with spikes on his shell wears a black bandana and wields a mace.

History Edit

He was once a normal tortoise who was from the pet store until two large strange looking men were destroying the pet store and he managed to escape but he was captured and was tested by robots who injected him with Snapping Turtle DNA turning him into a large muscular teal skinned terrapin with sharp claws a powerful bite and indestructible shell. He managed to escape from WAR-Bots and uses an energy powerful mace as a weapon. He later rescues and befriend Krowturebeak a mutant bird who was captured by WAR-Bots and started investigating with Leonardo who needs help to find his brothers Raph Donnie and Mikey but founded out that KING-MERA and his five thugs has kidnapped them and started a battle but KING-MERA used knockout gas on them and was imprisoned. He befriended Leatherhead a giant alligator Monkey Brains an intelligent humanoid spidermonkey Sorcer-Griffin a magical mutant lion/eagle Mondo Gecko a short mutant gecko and K-Modo a disgruntled komodo dragon who later teamed up with Ninja Turtles to fight KING-MERA. He became a new leader of Mighty Mutanimals.

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