Oroku Saki
Biographical information

Tokyo, Japan, New York City, Foot Headquarters




The Shredder, Shredhead, The Mighty Shredder, Turtle Shredder


Forbidden ninja techniques, Immense strength and an Incredible speed

Weapon(s) of choice

Razor-sharp strong armor that is durable, Custom-made Tekkō-kagi claw weapons. They have extendable blades and are razor sharp. They have also been shown to be strong enough to cut through metal.


Leader of the Foot Clan


Foot Clan, Purple Dragons, Utroms (Formerly)

Physical description

Human/Mutant Turtle




182lbs, 83kg

Eye color

Black/Purple (Human), Lime (Mutant)

Out of universe information

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Students Begin

First appearance

Birth of the Ninja Turtles Part 1

Voiced by

Samuel E. Wright

Teachers and Students

Master Yogio (Formerly)


Karai (Adopted Daughter), Hun, Rocksteady, Bebop, Oroku Jeniki (Adopted Son)



In this re-version, the Shredder's spikes are bigger and longer, though his body is much thinner. His shoulder, arm, and leg gauntlets are larger, and bulkier. The hand claws are now merged with the arm gauntlets. Like his live-action movie counterpart, this version of the Shredder has a scratch marks on the right side of his face. His breastplate highly resembles the face of a skull.

As a mutant, the Shredder is a dark lime green turtle with spikes on the back on his shell. His armor also grew bigger and bulkier. He resembles a cross between Slash and Snapper.


Cold, cunning, cruel, imperialistic, and ruthless leader of the Foot Clan, he is willing to go to any length to destroy the Turtles and their rat sensei, Splinter. With the Foot Clan and his shredding armor, there is little the Shredder can't do. His vengeful spirit has drained him of compassion, warmth and connection to humanity. Shredder fights with vicious ferocity, showing no mercy to anyone. Though he finds himself in a city swarming with mutant creatures and invading aliens, Shredder views it all as nothing but a distraction from his ultimate goal; his vendetta against Splinter's master, Hamato Yoshi. When his loyal henchmen, Bebop, and Rocksteady are mutated into a mutant animals, he doesn't question it and continues to use them in his plans to destroy the Turtles and their master, and he only takes an interest in the Utroms after he see's that their Technology and Mutagen could be useful to him.  


  • As a human, this version of the Shredder resembles a cross between the Super Shredder, the Next Mutation Shredder, and the Japanese OVA Shredder.
  • Ironically the Shredder's real name Saki is (usually) a female Japanese name that means "blossom" and "hope".
  • When the Shredder has been mutated, he is an amalgam of both Slash (IDW) and Snapper (Image Comics).
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