Playtime is the fourth episode of Mutant Ninja Turtles:Kids to Teens.

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Splinter takes the turtles out to swim, but they encounter trouble, a giant angry alligator. When Splinter is knocked unconscious, the turtles must get him and themselves to safety.


While sleeping, Splinter is woken up by the turtles, wanting him to take them swimming, while the current is slow, like he promised. He gets up and takes them. Michelangelo races Raphael, but Raph trips him into the water. Leonardo runs up and pushes Raph in. Donatello tries to push Leo in, but he moves out of the way, making Donnie fall in. Leo laughs at his brothers, but they all grab his legs and pull him in. They all start splashing each other. Raph gets on Mikey's shoulders and Leo gets on Donnie's. When Leo is about to knock him down, Raph tries to jump on Leo, but Donnie moves out of the way, telling Leo "I learned from the best." Splinter tells them to be careful. Raph tells him there's nothing to worry about, when a giant alligator attacks them. It uses it's tail to try to hit the turtles, but splinter jumps in the way, and is sent flying into the wall, knocked unconscious.

Splinter knocked unconscious

Leo and Raph grab Splinter and leave, with the alligator following. It hits Raph, and Splinter falls into the water. Leo tries to grab him, but the alligator interferes, so Donnie jumps in and gets him. The alligator prepared to attack Donnie in the water, is interrupted by Mikey and Raph throwing rocks at it, so Donnie can get Splinter out of the water. Leo helps Splinter and Donnie, then joins Mikey and Raph, by jumping on it's tail. It shakes him off, and throws him against Raph and Mikey. They all get away threw a small passage, too small for the alligator. The turtles rest, waiting for Splinter to come to. The alligator finds another way in and attacks the turtles. It grabs Splinter, but Donnie grabs an old mop and hits it, making it drop Splinter into the water. The turtles try to get him, but the alligator stops them. Right when it's about to snap at them, Splinter jumps out of the water and kicks it, knocking it down.

Splinter and the turtles in the lair.

He gets himself and turtles safely back to the lair.