Oroku Akane
Biographical information

New York City (Current), Japan (Previous)


Japaneses, possibly some European roots


The Red Shadow


Aki (Karai), Princess (Raphael/Casey)

Date of birth



Damage Empowerment, Darkness Manipulation

Weapon(s) of choice

Clawed Gauntlets, Katana (Laido), Tessen, Throwing Knives, Umbrella




Foot Clan

Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Ruby Red

Out of universe information
Teachers and Students
Oroku Akane is the adopted daughter of Shredder and is one of the only two Kunoichi's in the Foot Clan. She has since turned onto the side of the Turtles.

History Edit

There was once a powerful witch known only as Raven, who lived in Japan with her daughter Akane. When Akane was around the age of two Raven appeared to Saki and left Akane in his care. Though initially suspicious of Raven's intentions Saki agreed to raise the young witch with Karai.

Akane was raised alongside her adopted older sister Karai, the two of them grew close as sisters. Akane could often be found following her sister around which earned her the nickname the Red Shadow in the Foot Clan. The two were trained by Saki and became powerful

Personalty Edit

Akane is a fierce and dangerous foe to meet on the battlefield. Always calm on the field no matter who she's up against.

Relationships Edit

Karai: Despite not being related by blood Akane has always been very closer with her older sister. When the two were young they were never apart. And despite only being a year older Karai has always been slightly protective of her younger sister. Though Akane pretends to be annoyed by her sister's care, she actually is very happy that she sister cares so much about her.

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