Origins-Part 2 is the second of 2 parts of the Mutant Ninja Turtles:Kids to Teens series premiere.

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The rat notices the turtles gain intelligence and begin talking and walking. The turtles start calling him Splinter and he gives them all names, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.


Leaving off from Part 1, a rat and four turtles have mutated into more human like forms. The rat has decided to raise the turtles, and is now thinking of their names. Now, the turtles and the rat our scavenging for items, when all of the sudden the rat is surprised. One of the turtles, soon to be Donatello, stood up and spoke, Splinter. Splinter assumes this is a new name from the turtles, and is surprised again. The rest of the turtles, struggle to stand up, like their brother.

One of the turtles, Donnie, stands up for the first time.

Two of the others, soon to be Leonardo and Raphael, and also call the rat Splinter. The other one, soon to be Michelangelo, struggles the most to stand, and tries to say Splinter, but of course, instead he says "Pizza." They see a box of pizza and Splinter gets it. They head back home and have dinner.

The turtles eating pizza after coming home.

Splinter looks at the renaissance book, he found in part 1, and finally thinks of names for the four turtles. He looks at the first one and names him, Leonardo. Leo repeats his name, hinting that he likes it. He looks at the dark green one and names him Raphael. He then looks at the yellow-green turtle and names him Donatello. Finally, he looks at the smallest one, and names him Michelangelo. Michelangelo starts yelling Mikey, instead of Michelangelo. Raphael gets annoyed and hits him. Splinter meditates as the four turtles eat dinner. While the turtles are asleep, Splinter leaves to find food. He finds a box of sushi and takes it home. While Splinter is eating, Mikey crawls over and cuddles next to Splinter. Splinter finishes eating and comforts his son. In the morning, Michelangelo is not next to him and gets up to check the beds, but they're not there. He finds them eating cereal. He asks them where they got that. Donnie responds they went out for breakfast. Splinter is shocked that Donatello has spoken in a complete sentence. The turtles continue eating and Splinter finishes off the rest of the sushi from last night. After breakfast, Splinter goes off to look for more items for their home. He finds a trash bag to put items in. He finds wood and takes to finish the beds. After a while, Splinter returns home with tools. He goes to work on the beds. He asks Mikey to hand him the hammer, but he remembers they're just kids and points to it. Leo grabs it and hands it to Splinter. Splinter finally finishes the bed and goes to meditate. The turtles finish eating pizza for dinner and go to sleep.