Mutant Students BeginEdit

The mutagen is depicted as having similar properties to the version seen in the Mirage Comics, and 1987 TV series; It blends the victim's genetics with that of whatever creature they have recently touched, but when used on animals, it makes them a larger, more intelligent, human-like creature. It has a glowing green coloration. The mutagen was created by the Utroms while they use it for experiments. It is also possible that since the orphans were the nearest to the truck filled with mutagen during their mutation while his actually merged with a turtle in a pet store that touched by them. Much like in live-action movies, it is shown as having been the substance that mutated Splinter and Leatherhead from ordinary animals into anthropomorphic beings. It is a much more integral part of the series. As seen in "The Superizer Returns!" if a human has not come into contact with an animal or plant before using mutagen, their bodies will be genetically broken down, turning them into a humanoid skeletons covered in green acidic slime with only their internal organs still intact. Superizer also states that the mutagen burns a lot.