Marzo concept
Biographical information

April O'Neil and Leatherhead


partial transformation

Physical description

Alligator/Sub-human fusion



Hair color

pastel orange

Eye color


Out of universe information

TMNT: Unison

Created by

Alexandrea "Xandrea" Sias

Voiced by

Jeremy Shada

Teachers and Students
Marzo is from one of alternate universes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: UNISON. He is the fusion of April O'Neil and Leatherhead.

Appearance Edit

Marzo is slightly taller than Leonardo. He has green heart-shaped scales with a peach underside, two yellow reptilian eyes with single-lashes, and a extra eye with multiple lashes. He has pastel-orange hair in a wild style. His mutant-features include: four arms, a humanoid face with no mouth, one mouth above his chest, a shorter tail, and thick peg-shaped legs. He also has three fingers for each arm.

He wears the same clothing as Leatherhead; but with white thigh high socks, bandages on all four arms, and brown boots that matches April's bow.

Abilities Edit

Marzo's legs and arms can formed into any shape and edge. This includes forming into them into knives, blades, and claws.

Personality Edit

Marzo's perspective is controlled by April, while his fighting style is Leatherhead's. He starts out as smart and thought-out; but he is also aggressive and trigger-happy (can be caused by Leatherhead)


  • Marzo's name is Spanish for "March"
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