Lost is the third episode of Mutant Ninja Turtles:Kids to Teens.

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Previous Episode: Origins-Part 2

While searching for stuff, for the their home, with Splinter, the turtles get lost. Now, Splinter is in a rush to find his lost sons, but they get into trouble. Can Splinter save his sons, before they're lost forever.


At about 6, in the morning, Splinter wakes up the turtles to have them go with him, to search for stuff for their home. They complain and wonder why they have to go, so early. Splinter explains that he doesn't want to leave them alone, so they head off. Along with Splinter, the turtles are grabbing food and items. Michelangelo sees a pizza box and tries to grab it, but he falls in the water. The turtles and Splinter try to help him, but the others fall in too. Splinter rushes to help his sons, but the current is too strong. Splinter loses sight of his sons. They finally stop, when Leonardo grabs a metal pole hanging from the ceiling, grabs his brothers, and swings out of the water. The turtles become scared, lost in the sewers without their master. They continue walking to find Splinter, as Splinter is searching for them. Scared, Mikey cries, wanting Splinter, but Leo tells him, Splinter will find them. The turtles start walking back, but take a wrong turn. Splinter continues his search for his lost sons, but then he senses their presence and also senses their in danger, so he quickly rushes to find his sons. Meanwhile, the turtles are still trying to find Splinter, assuming they're going the right way. The turtles run into a pile of snakes. One giant mutant snake comes out, scaring the turtles. He calls himself, Snakefang. Mikey says that's a dumb name. This angers him and he heads to attack the turtles. They move out of the and he hits the wall. The snakes corner Donatello, so Snakefang goes to attack him. Right as he's about to hit Donnie, Splinter kicks him, against the wall and knocks away all the snakes. He then saves Raphael, when a bunch of snakes jump at him. After all he snakes are gone, Splinter and Snakefang battle. Snakefang uses his tail, to grab Splinter and throws him into the wall. Raph steps on his tail and Donnie hits him with a stick. Angry, Snakefang hits Donnie into Raph , and then trips Mikey. Next, he goes after Leo, but Splinter knocks him into the fast flowing water.

The turtles hugging Splinter at home.

After getting home, the turtles hug and thank Splinter. The episode ends with Mikey asking, "So, can we go get that pizza?"