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Biographical information

Sewer Lair


Raphael (Brother),Michelangelo (Younger Brother),Donatello (Brother),Splinter (Adopted Father),Karai,Nobody,Ultrom


Leo (Everyone),Fearless leader(Raphael),Naïve one (Shredder)

Date of birth



Enchanted reflexes
Enchanted Straight
Skilled martial artist and tactician

Weapon(s) of choice

Two katana blades

Physical description

Mutant Turtle







Hair color


Bandana color


Eye color


Out of universe information

Heroes in Half-Shell

Voiced by

Josh Keaton

Teachers and Students



Casey Jones
April O'Neill



Leo is look is mix with 2003 tv series and 2014-2016 movies

History Edit

Leonardo was a pet turtle bought by a young boy along with three others, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. The boy was waiting at the crosswalk when a teenager noticed a blind old man crossing the street while a truck sped toward him. The teenager bumped into the boy with the turtles, causing him to drop the bowl in which he held them. The turtles fell into the sewer. Meanwhile, the teenager had successfully saved the old man's life. While the truck veered away from the scene, the doors flew open and a canister fell right into the sewer with the turtles, covering them with an odd substance. A rat by the name of Splinter was passing by and picked up the turtles, touching the odd chemical as well. When Splinter woke up one morning some point later, he found he and the turtles had grown taller, and slightly more intelligent.

Splinter thought it wise to train them in ninjutsu he is driver of Shell Breaker

Personality Edit

An adventurous, courageous, responsible, hardworking, protective, self-serving, honorable, righteous, respectful, level-headed, prudent and enthusiastic ninjutsu prodigy with a "can-do" attitude, Leonardo is the most serious, disciplined, cool-headed mature and focused of the team. Being the designated leader of the group, Leonardo is very enthusiastic about his role. He is also a big science-fiction fan (or "nerd" as referred to by his brother Raphael). His favorite series is Space Heroes, while his favorite character from the show is Captain Ryan. Leonardo has a habit of memorizing Captain Ryan's best lines from the show and sometimes repeating them during battle. Leonardo is so caught up with Space Heroes that he relies on Ryan's character traits more than on his own intuition, which often causes his brothers (especially Raphael) to question his leadership.Like the intro states he is the leader and makes the commands which sometimes bothers his brothers especially Raph. Leo is the most serious and disciplined out of all the turtles and is of course their leader. He has a lot of responsibility on his hands, which can sometimes overwhelm him.After final battle with Krang and Shredder Leo becomes extremly rude,cold,vengful

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