The Krain are a species of aliens that appear in the 2020 TV series. They are an amalgam of all the Utrom PerserviUtrominators and Krang. Like other Utroms, their history is intertwined with the Turtles. It was they who attacked the Utroms, and their humans guardians, and then Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen while they were holding the not-yet-mutated Splinter and the Turtles. In addition, the Krain's human guise always comprises of a well-dressed man in a mobster suit. In this series, the Krain speak in a very complicated and redundant manner, often including the subject both at the beginning and conclusion of the sentence. They always refer to each other as just "Krain", which may indicate the limited personality of each individual.  

Few (In the series premiere) don't wear that purplish coat over their exo-suits, and if they are not using their exo-suits to talk, they just speak, screech and squeal. They also kidnapped the scientist along with April.

Some of these Krain are fitted into giant, winged, mechanic-like exo-suits, and are known as Krainominators. 

This time, the exosuit has fake skin and a purple suit to disguise it as a human. However, the costume is ripped, revealing the alien villainy underneath.