Konkestu is a villain in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is one of Shredder's minons and the most loyal. Konkestu lived in Japan and he was in love with a beautiful woman named Asako. One day Konkestu discovered he was a demon in the form of a human and he got bit by an albino bat which resulted in him becoming a mutant humanoid bat demon. He went to Asako, only to discover that his rival, Musai, killed her. Angered, he attacked Musai who was also a demon in the form of a human. Konkestu stayed in hiding until he left Japan and traveled to New York. That's were he met Shredder and the Foot Clan



Konkestu is loyal to Shredder. He'll do anything for Shredder no matter what. The two met after Konkestu defeated some Foot ninjas guarding HQ. Shredder welcomed him as his minon.


Konkestu sometimes fights alongside Karai but prefers to stick close to Shredder.

Xever and Chris Bradford

Konkestu is friends with Xever and Chris Bradford although he is angered by them easily.


Konkestu has a crush on April. He will stop at nothing to win her over.


Konkestu has a frenemy relationship with Mikey. When they're not fighting they get along easily. Mikey sometimes saves Konkestu out of frenemyship.


Konkestu is goofy, crazy, overly-dramatic, mischiefous, sly, firey-tempered, scheming, and loyal.


Konkestu carries a katana with him when in battle with the Turtles.


Konkestu's abilities are heat-beam eyes, combustion, levitation, fire manipulation, magic, teleportation, ice beam, shadow claw, high-jump kick, and ninjistu.

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