Karai captured is an episode of TMNT(2003) 


Karai: my name is Karai, and I'm am having a real bad day. For starters, I'm laying on the ground, and I can't move. I am being surrounded by these cute but somehow dangerous creatures.


Karai was laying on the ground, unconcious and finally wakes up. When she couldn't get up, Karai realizes that she can't move. Later, a rabbit hops towards Karai and rubs its nose to her face and gets scare when she see a a talking bird who takes her to his village and gives her a mecidine that will make her moveable again. Karai thanks and then the bird shows her around town. They are having a festival, and the music had made her dance uncontrollably. The mayor congratulates Karai and offers her a seat , but she denies. But just then, the mayor pressed a button that magnetized Karai to the chair that was behind her, then pulls out a joystick to control Karai. The mayor tells her that she cannot leave the village, and must stay.



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