The episode begins with Karai doing workout positions, and when she done, Karai collapse in exhaustion

Karai: Can't move, not good.

Supercomputer: Misstress Karai, are you okay.

Karai: Yes, I just needs some rest.

Scene 2

Karai: Perhaps the next time I'm training, it won't be so hard.

Supercomputer: Karai, you got a message.

Jackal: Hello Karai, I am Alfred, and I got to say, you are a beautiful woman.

(Karai turns arounds with an angry face with blushing cheeks.)

Karai: Just get to the point.

Jackal: Come to my island to train in a fight, goodbye( Jackal leaves a kiss).

Karai: That guy really freaks me out.

Scene 3 

(Karai sit in an helicopter that is set for auto pilot and lands on the island.)

Robot: Greetings Karai, you will have to wait.

Karai: (sits in a waiting room with her legs crossed.) What is taking him so long.

Karai:(shocked to see robot ninjas) Huh, robot ninjas.

(Karai battles the robot ninjas and defeats them).

Jackal: Nice to meet you Karai.

Karai: Interesting trap.

Jackal: Actually, the trap is behind you.

(Karai sees a wooden chair with arms).

Karai: You call that a trap? a chair.

Jackal: I thought you should rest your legs.

Karai: Okay, so you don't mind if i sit in it.

Jackal: Knock yourself out.

(Karai sits in a chair as Jackal pushes a buttton that had metal clamps securely bound to her wrists and ankles)

Karai(shocked): It is a trap.

Jackal: You're welcome, I call it the ninja trap chair. Now it's time to learn.

(Jackal pushes a button that sends Karai into a trap door which leads her to a room)

Jackal: Sorry Karai, but you're not going anywhere. I'll show you some cilps of my childhood.

"Karai watches some footage of Jackal's childhood, from when he was born, and watching some kung-fu movies as a kid"

Karai:(straining on every word)I got to get out of this chair.

Jackal:Well then, it's dancing time.

Karai:Are you serious?

" Jackal releases Karai from her chair, and shoots lasers at her, while Karai avoid them.

Jackal:(Jackal traps Karai in an energy stasis beam) You not permitted to move any more.

Karai:(straining in every word) No, let me go.

Jackal:Sorry Karai, but I can't let you leave this place. You can't move a muscle.

Karai:So what's the ratio of its paralysis ray gun? (Karai's hands begins to move).

Jackal: 2.0, why? (Karai kicks him in the face).

Karai: I'm out of here.

(Karai heads back to the Foot headquarters in her helicopter)

Karai:Finally, I'm back home.

Dr Chaplin: Sorry to interrupt Karai, but you have another training session.

Karai:(Karai falls on her knees)Chaplin, not now.