Karai's trap is a episode of Tmnt 2003


After hours of training, Karai collapse in exhaustion. While training, Karai recievies a letter to a mysterious island. She realizes that it was a trap and fights an army of robots. Her host introduce himself as "Jackal" a villain who is very attracted to women with martial arts, and uses good skills in robotic technology. Jackal evens tricks Karai sitting in a chair was restrains her every movement. He takes her to a room where Jackal shows Karai some clips of his childhood and after that, Jackal leaves her for a while she tries to escape. After she got free, Karai goes out to take down Jackal. The mad villain uses a energy stasis device to immobilize Karai temporeliy and Karai finally defeats him. As Karai got back home, Dr Chaplin told her to do another training session, which caused Karai to collapse in exhaustion again.


Karai:Can't move, not good.

Jackal: Hello ninja, good to see you.

Karai: You call that a trap? a chair.