History Edit

Jianyu Cho as child was raised in China and lived with his father Giang Cho who was expert in martial arts who trained him in his ways. As child he appeared wearing regular glasses and wore ninja like clothes and wore purple headband. He was very protective towards his family especially towards his younger cousin who is later reaveled to be mutated when he reaches adulthood. Jianyu did everything with his little cousin but after a Kraang invasion in their hometown made them go sperate ways. His father left him at age 13 made him in charge of the clan which he wasn't quite ready for. Jianyu left for Chinatown were he had find a place to live which spent most of his life in. There in Chinatown he met a woman named, Yusho who fell madly in love with him but the realationship was thorn appart when the big Kraang invasion struck NYC. A man who was mind controlled by the Kraang robbed everything from his house to find a special item as Jianyu approached the man by trying to fight back with martial arts skill the Man zapped used a Kraang device that deleted his memory. He is now living the streets know now as the Hun or Hun the new leader of the Purple Dragons consiting of Fong, Sid and Tsuoi and was recuited by Shredder to join the Foot but isn't sure if he can't trust him or trust the ones Shredder calls the enemies, "The turtles" or his Hockey boy rival Casey Jones. He feels lost somehow.

Personality Edit

As a child was very optimistic, obedient, protective towards his love ones and very playful like most kids were but much like Leonardo, he lived breathed martial arts much like him. When he his father left during the war his clan had with the Kraang.

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