This page is a based on the leaked script "Blue Door" 


The Four : The Four are alien soldiers of the Mirage Empire that have been sent to Earth on a mission after Col. Schrader set off one of their homing beacons.

- L : Leader of the Four. 

- R : The Teen Hot-head of the team and the second-in command of the Four.

- D : He serves as the Tech-guy on the Team creating new/improved tech by using Earths Goverment Resources and alien tech.

- M : One of Youngest soldiers in the Mirage Empire Army, recruited by L because of his skill of hand to hand combat.

The Foot: An Elite Black Ops Unit formed after the Roswell U.F.O. crash. Now currently lead by Colonel Schrader he uses Substation 16 (Area 51) as a home base.

- Colonel Schrader : A Yellow alien shape-shifter who came here in 1947 after the Roswell Crash he has the ability to sprout large metal spikes from his skin he is now in charge of the elite black ops unit codenamed : The Foot.

- Sergeant Krangg : An Alien Prince exiled from Dimension X he traveled to different planets searching for a new home and ended up on Earth, he was later recruited by fellow alien Colonel Schrader and now serves as his second-in command.

- Joeseph Rocksteady and Brian Bebop: U.S Marines chosen by Colonel Schrader to become apart of the covert black-ops unit The Foot.


- Splinter does not appear in this article 

- Based off the Blue Door script