10 year old Mutant Ninja Turtles is the spinoff of tmnt and features the heroes sons as they try to defeat the Turtles arch enemy the Shredder.


It marks 35 years since the Turtles defeated the Shredder. By this time they have all been married and had children. However Shredder returns and finally defeats the Turtles before killing them and they're wifes. Splinter takes the children to safety and hides them in the underground. He then trains them to be ninjas like their fathers in order to defeat The Shredder.



Nickname: Theo, unlike his father he is the 2nd oldest of the four. He often argues with Rick over he should be leader and the  two are often considered enemies. However deep down he cares about his brother and the feeling is mutual.

Weapons: Double bladed staff. Bandana colour: White. Voiced by Lyon Smith.


Nickname: Rick, he is the eldest of the four and believes he should be the leader. He often argues with Theo about this. Aggresive, short tempered and also as he believes "1# ninja". He also dislikes Theo, mostly because Splinter chose him as leader. Weapons: Kunais. Bandana: Brown. Voiced by Scott McCord.


Nickname: Eddy, he is the 3rd oldest. He like his Dad is the most intelligent of the four. He is often making weapons and such to assist  the team. He is the only one who can drive. He is also best friends with Dan. Weapons: Nunchukus. Bandana: Green. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Nickname: Zeke, he is the youngest and also the last smartest. He has a love for adventure and sometimes will even risk lives in order to gain a thrill. He also loves partys, pizza, smoothies, pizza, video games, swimming, pizza(Dude, he likes pizza). Weapons: Blades. Bandana: Black. Voiced by Will Friedle.